1. Hug Magazine has become one of the most talked about Magazines in all of  Livingston Parish Louisiana.
  2. Hug Magazine leaves the shelf as fast as it goes up!
  3. Hug Magazine is the ONLY Glossy Magazine of it’s kind in Livingston Parish.
  4. 10,000 copies are printed & distributed  at over 200 of the Hottest traffic Areas in Livingston Parish!
  5. Hug Magazine is a Quarterly  Magazine  (Every 3 months) We will soon go to every 2 months!
  6. Hug Magazine strays away from anything controversial . We are a warm & Fuzzy Feel good magazine. Very Family Friendly.
  7. Hug Magazine appeals to all Age Groups But Focus is on the 25/54 Age Group .Hug is a very  female driven magazine.